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School Update – Campaign Thoughts and Feelings

Feelings I  feel relieved that this class is nearly over, and I feel ok about the marketing campaign itself. It was hard to come up with campaign tactics when I had no product or concept to make them about. This could have been included in the class to make it easier. Generally, you know whatContinue reading “School Update – Campaign Thoughts and Feelings”

Is Emotional Capital Important?

It’s the most important factor in sustainability and true success. STATEMENT:  The authors (Huy and Shipilov, “The Key to Social Media Success Within Organizations”) argue that the main reason some social media initiatives fail to bring benefits to companies is that the initiatives do not create emotional capital, which they define as a strong emotional connectionContinue reading “Is Emotional Capital Important?”

Why should we use Marketing Objectives?

How does a firm know that they are on track to succeed? What is the focus of each department, or the firm as a whole? These questions are answerable by establishing marketing objectives or goals.           Setting goals and objectives give employees and other stakeholders something to work towards. These goals canContinue reading “Why should we use Marketing Objectives?”

Jack in the Box and one of the worst E. Coli Outbreaks in U.S. History

In 1993, Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant had an E-coli outbreak that spanned multiple states, harmed over 600 people, and killed at least 4 children (Murano, 2018). “In the year and a half following the outbreak, Jack in the Box lost approximately $160 million both in court and from lost sales” (Marler, The Marler ClarkContinue reading “Jack in the Box and one of the worst E. Coli Outbreaks in U.S. History”

Snake Oil and Flim Flam -What is Ethical Marketing?

The early 1900s was a dangerous place for consumers. Anyone could sell anything, with no one checking on the claims of the product or the ingredients! You might purchase cough syrup from a street peddler that was nothing more than brown water and lemon, or it could contain something dangerously addictive, like cocaine! Thankfully thatContinue reading “Snake Oil and Flim Flam -What is Ethical Marketing?”