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School Update – Campaign Thoughts and Feelings


  • I  feel relieved that this class is nearly over, and I feel ok about the marketing campaign itself. It was hard to come up with campaign tactics when I had no product or concept to make them about. This could have been included in the class to make it easier. Generally, you know what you’re trying to sell or convince people of before designing a campaign! Knowing about the company did help me plan the campaign some, but this was mostly due to my extensive research on the company, target market, and similar campaigns I created for other classes.   

Overall Experience

  • Though I didn’t mind the concepts of the coursework to develop a campaign, I honestly felt it was extremely redundant to previous classes I was required to take, and woefully outdated. I didn’t feel stimulated by this coursework as I would have about new concepts or ideas. Social media is changing rapidly, and coursework should reflect new concepts, like VR and Metaverse. These new ideas represent different ways that social media could be used to define firms, causes, learning opportunities, and even society itself (Clark, 2021). The Metaverse is the future marketers, and specifically social media or digital marketers, should be preparing for. The Metaverse will likely disrupt many of the traditional ways of socializing, doing business, learning, and living; so marketers should be prepared to change the way marketing is consumed and digested. As the metaverse develops more features, campaigns will change significantly.
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  • Admittedly, some of the tactics I employed may already be overplayed from the perspective of consumers. Younger consumers are already mostly immune to ads and employ ad blockers and VPNs to guard against cookie tracking and social scrubbing (Handley, 2017). Marketers will need to find a way to coexist, non-invasively, with consumers, and must remain genuine and authentic in the quest to problem-solve pain points for consumers. Otherwise, consumers won’t continue to play ball.  


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One thought on “School Update – Campaign Thoughts and Feelings

  1. Hello Mandy,

    Just like you, I also am relieved that the class is almost over. These classes tend to challenge every student and a good amount of work goes into getting a good grade in the class. I also wanted to mention that I think you made a pretty good point when you mentioned that some of the work in the class was a bit outdated and that adding some more up-to-date content would be a bit better. social media changes ever so quickly so keeping the course more relevant would help the class connect more with what is going on in everyday life. Great work!

    Andre Anderson


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