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How Is This Class (Social Media Campaign) Going?

So far, I have found this class on social media campaigns to be fairly easy. This social media class is the 4th or 5th class with the same content I have taken, so nothing has been too strenuous, though it is writing and time intensive with extra blog replies and other papers, etc. I loveContinue reading “How Is This Class (Social Media Campaign) Going?”


Confessions of an Amazon 2-Day Delivery Addict:

What type of Consumer are you? What is a “consumer”? From Consumer noun a person or thing that consumes. Economics. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service. Ecology. an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals. In the context of marketing, the subject of this blog, the economic definition comesContinue reading “Confessions of an Amazon 2-Day Delivery Addict:”

Snake Oil and Flim Flam -What is Ethical Marketing?

The early 1900s was a dangerous place for consumers. Anyone could sell anything, with no one checking on the claims of the product or the ingredients! You might purchase cough syrup from a street peddler that was nothing more than brown water and lemon, or it could contain something dangerously addictive, like cocaine! Thankfully thatContinue reading “Snake Oil and Flim Flam -What is Ethical Marketing?”

Plan SMART to reach your goals!

Setting goals is a helpful and measurable asset on your way to being successful in anything you want to do in life. This can be especially helpful in business and marketing as well as in your personal life. Having goals can help you focus your ideas and your energy to help you reach the objectivesContinue reading “Plan SMART to reach your goals!”