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How Is This Class (Social Media Campaign) Going?

So far, I have found this class on social media campaigns to be fairly easy. This social media class is the 4th or 5th class with the same content I have taken, so nothing has been too strenuous, though it is writing and time intensive with extra blog replies and other papers, etc.

I love social media marketing, so I have really enjoyed learning more about LinkedIn and the Google analytics program that this class recommended. I have already completed the beginner certification and cannot wait to take the next one. I feel as though I learned so much from just that beginner course, about analytics. This topic is something I wish that SNHU would focus a bit more on. This class has made me consider what else I may need to do to increase my knowledge! (looking at you WordPress, with whom I have a love/hate relationship, mostly hate…)

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This social media class has also taught me how quickly things move in the world of social media. Many of the articles we have read for the class are from 2013 or even earlier. Many of the apps and programs mentioned in these articles don’t exist anymore. The problems the articles discuss are now solved but replaced with a slew of new problems too. Honestly, I can not wait until I graduate so I can get started on learning more platforms and have time to concentrate on certifications that will benefit my career. There is SO much more to learn, and I actually love that!

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My campaign is going well. I already have a basic plan and ideas laid out, and I need to flesh them out formally. I am excited to have more work for my portfolio! I’m also ready to start implementing some of my ideas! I think like a marketer everywhere I go now. Driving with my husband we talk about ads and billboards we see, etc. It’s funny, but I think I am ruined forever! I think about everything in terms of marketing now. I’m excited to continue my education and get started on my career!


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