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Course Recap – MKT 455

Most Interesting

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  •             The most interesting thing I learned about was about organizational behavior. It was fascinating reading about the tech company who didn’t understand why their social media implementation completely failed. The firm was completely tone deaf and even made using the social media part of their employees’ review (Huy & Shipilov, 2012). This was such a ridiculous concept that it made me laugh out loud. I love organizational behavior and it was one of my very favorite classes of all the classes I took at SNHU for my degree program.  I would love to work in this field, but I worry that it will be difficult and stressful to have to explain to clueless people why they should care about other people. Most of the concepts seem obvious to me, but apparently giant corporations are often run by abnormal people.  


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  •             I didn’t mind the weekly blogs themselves, though I loathe I learned recently that exists and is completely different then I still can’t figure out how to format anything with this worthless website/ blog builder, and I consider myself fairly tech savvy. I wish anyone luck trying to format the paragraphs or citations!

            Admittedly, I also did not enjoy having to reply to blogs, like discussions. It’s not that I don’t like replying or reading my peers’ work and thoughts, more that I dislike being required to do so. Like the tech company requiring its employees to use its social media, this requirement took all the fun out of blogging and socializing with peers. It felt like more busy work in an already writing-intensive class. I felt like I barely had any free time with all the writing and research required and didn’t feel like having to do more just to prove I read something.

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  •             I strongly dislike WordPress and replying to blogs. I also disliked how outdated this class was. Many of the articles were from 2013, near a decade ago. Social media moves too fast now to have college classes using any information more than a few years old, and that is honestly pushing it. Some links and videos also didn’t work because they were so outdated. I also wish we learned more about the back end of social media, analytics. Instead many of the marketing classes told us to take analytics classes through Google, which actually does a good job at teaching, though a bit boring. Instead I feel like SNHU is a bit redundant in its marketing curriculum. I honestly couldn’t tell any of my marketing classes apart and I feel as though I wrote the same final project multiple times with only slight differences.
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  •             I loved the sections on organizational behavior and anything to do with psychology and human nature. Those sections were all fascinating and fun to me. I also enjoyed making graphics for my blog and trying to make my blog a bit more fun and interesting. The creativity this class allows for is nice and made me look forward to the blogs I sometimes dreaded after suffering writing fatigue.
  • The “Conversation Prism by Solis (2021), was also intensely interesting. I enjoyed seeing how the prism changed from 2008 to its current iteration. Its progression shows so much about the internet and society’s progression.   


Huy, Q., & Shipilov, A. (2012). The Key to Social Media Success Within Organizations. MIT Sloan Management Review, 54(1), 73–81. Retrieved December 2, 2021, from

Solis, B. (2021, February 22). Homepage. Brian Solis. Retrieved December 10, 2021, from


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