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The Future of Digital Advertising!

  1. Mobile Marketing
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            Since 2014 mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop internet usage, and this number is still on the rise today (Dodson, 2016). The mobile audience is very large and always expanding. 67.04 % of the entire world’s population own mobile phones (Turner, 2021). This is an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of people very quickly. This also allows marketers to target a specific demographic and reach them directly, making marketing easier. As an added benefit, mobile marketing is often cheaper than other forms of marketing too (Dodson, 2016). This fact alone makes it a worthwhile avenue to pursue!

  • Shoppable Ads
Pic from Ultimate Guide to Instagram Shopping: 8 Tips to Convert Followers (

       Instagram and other social media websites are integrating e-commerce into their apps. Instagram itself has over 1 billion monthly active users and is growing among adults (Sriram, 2020). These social sites are wildly popular among the world’s population and already have a built-in audience reach. The apps are also offering solutions to businesses as integrated technologies for organizations that can multitask for them. Some of these technologies include shipping, POS, inventory, and reports along with shoppable ads. These shoppable ads give organizations a competitive advantage and reach consumers where they are spending a majority of their time online already (Rainer, 2016). Additionally, shoppable ads make utilizing influencers a breeze.

  • Micro-influencers

            Speaking of influencers, micro-influencers are the future. We know that Millennials have always been fond of influencers in general, but they are also fine with hearing from their friends, acquaintances, and less popular influencers (Morrison, 2014). Micro-Influencers are someone with a medium following such as 10k to 30k followers. These people offer a more genuine feel since their posts are usually less full of sponsorships and ads. These people can interact with others by responding to posts more frequently and having higher follower engagement rates (Sriram, 2020). This is something the largest generation, Millennials, loves! Millennials are not the only generation to respond to genuine interaction though. Baby Boomers and Gen X also appreciate authentic online relationships between brands and consumers (Wiley, 2020). So, don’t discount any generation when it comes to micro-influencers!


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