The Voice

The Voice did a fantastic job of meeting the wants and needs of their audience. By creating so many opportunities for fans to engage with the show through digital and social media, they created a sense of community and loyalty to the brand. According to Forbes people feel invested when they engage with companies and experience greater feelings of loyalty (2017). It’s in every company’s best interest to engage with their audience through digital media. When done correctly it can have fantastic benefits to both the audience and the company.

Consumers were constantly addressed, with replies, retweets, sharing of their vines, tweets, and reply messages on all the social media. The Voice also followed through with everything they said they would do, like allowing users to tweet to change the show’s outcome live and “save” contestants. They also followed through with the #chairmeup campaign by having people hashtag their posts and then making them a graphic with their name on “The Voice, “ chairs. They continually tried to make the consumers feel a part of the show. They even read tweets live, and talked about things that went on in the online communities on the show. This showed consumers that they really were engaged with them, and not just pretending while on online. This was done super successfully and obviously helped to make the show a huge show via Nielsen ratings.

I really appreciated some of the initiatives the Voice supported as well. Partnering with the first lady on Veterans day was nice and showed that they cared about more than just their show as well. They have also tackled the recent Pandemic and have posts to help cheer people up, like Blake Shelton’s quarantine mullet! They often share posts from their hosts and their personal initiatives as well.  

Users of all digital media were treated as a vital part of the “The Voice Team.” The show repeatedly proved that they cared about users by constantly coming up with new ways for them to be more involved and new media for them to use to engage with the show on. The show even created an emoji, the first of its kind from a reality show, for people to integrate into other areas of their life.

I don’t think there was anything the show could have done differently. This show seems like it would have been fun to be invested in and to participate in while watching. I am sad that I have never felt interested in this show.  Their engagement seems stellar. The only thing I would recommend would be even more engagement with people through their social media. They do often reply to people, but the public would always love more engagement. I would also love to see more initiatives and calls to action for charities. I feel like that is me being really picky, but it’s the only thing I could say they could do more of.  I am super impressed by “The Voice.” Their social media may have even converted me to a viewer. If that isn’t a successful digital media campaign, then I don’t know what is! To me that says it all.


Meyer, E. F. (2017, September 20). Council Post: How To Leverage Social Media To Build Brand Loyalty. Retrieved March 29, 2020, from

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