Confessions of a Media Junkie

I need help! Digital media is my drug of choice, I am a media junkie! I am constantly on my phone when I am out, or I am on my computer or watching tv when I am home. I love consuming information, and in this digital age, it has never been easier. I am ashamed to say that I can often be found perusing Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Don’t get me wrong, I am also on Good Reads and the Libby/Overdrive library app too! Oh, and don’t forget Amazon. I personally buy Jeff Bezos’s lunch at least every other day.

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On Reddit, a forum like site that has more information on anything than you even want to know about any given subject, I am likely looking up the best order to apply sunscreen, moisturizer, toner, and lastly makeup. The gals over at r/AsianBeauty know all the best products and how to use them. Then I’m probably looking at r/AbandonedPorn. WHOA, it’s ok. It’s just referred to as porn because it’s just great pictures of amazing abandoned places and buildings all over the world. Next, I might be on r/BlunderYears, dying laughing at pictures of people looking pretty silly who thought they looked so cool at the time the pictures were taken. We’ve all been there, right?

Facebook is a social media site. I like to use Facebook to keep up with friends and people I wish I was IRL (in real life) friends with. I use it to see what is going on in the world on a pop culture level, and sometimes on a world new level since I have friends from many different states and countries.

Instagram is a social media site for pictures. Well, technically there is video now too, but it started as and is still mainly used for pictures. Sometimes it’s just fun to peek into other people’s worlds. Instagram is mostly for peaking into celebrity lives, or influencers (often fake) lives. It’s a fun place though. 

Pinterest is a social media site that is less concerned with socializing per se and more about sharing ideas. It’s a digital bulletin board for ideas. I love to go here and PLAN. I plan to do all kinds of things, like having a nice birthday party for my husband with a cute theme, meal prep recipes for the week, DIY solutions for reorganizing my closet, going on a trip, etc. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of planning, and not as much DOING because I am busy planning SO many other things that I will also likely never actually do. C’est la vie!

YouTube is the biggest time-suck of all of them. I can watch YouTube for HOURS. YouTube is a video sharing site, but it has also become a kind of show network for everyday people to create content. I love watching B.A. Test Kitchen, How to Cook That, Emmy Made in Japan, Maangchi, Miss Darcie, DKDKTV, and countless other YouTubers. I use YouTube to learn as well as to be entertained.

Good Reads is an app/website for avid readers. You can log all of the books you have read, get recommendations, see what your friends are reading, and socialize with other readers. I love books and talking about books!

Libby/Overdrive is an app and website that allows you to download books from your local library system. You can even download books from other systems as well, all for FREE. They have audio and text books!

Amazon, or as I like to call it, the money pit (funny movie!) Amazon is an online shopping website and app. You can essentially get almost anything on Amazon and have it delivered within one to two days. It’s a very dangerous place for my budget, but I also love it dearly.

See, I told you I have a problem, and these were just the ones I felt like writing about! I honestly love all kinds of digital media. I listen to music, buy things, watch shows/movies, read, socialize and learn all through digital media. Because I like to do SO many different things, there isn’t one form of digital media that satisfies all of my needs or wants.

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Emails feel antiquated. I know that sounds weird, but just follow me here. How many emails do you have in your inbox right now? Alright, if you are ” type A,” you have none, if you are whatever I am, you currently have 10 million unread emails in your inbox every day despite TRYING hard to keep on top of it. I get so many emails, and none of them are important. They are mostly sales from places that I visited the website of once, or perhaps I bought something from them 5 years ago. I hate it and I don’t think it’s efficient. Of course, an in-depth study of company KPIs can tell you for sure, but I am not a fan. I ignore my emails and even get annoyed with how many I get from certain companies. Some send emails EVERY day. That is too much. I want to hear from a company like once every new season, not every day.

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Digital media is imperative to our world and marketing. Marketing has completely changed in the past few years since digital media has become popularized. Influencers are an amazing opportunity for marketers to reach their exact segments and to grab the attention of those who might not know about their products in a ready-built captive audience. It’s almost too easy and can cost very little, especially compared to traditional television ads and radio spots. Digital media rules the world. In fact, according to the World Bank data website, 49.723% of the entire world’s population is using the internet (World Bank., 2017). That is a huge amount of people. I have noticed that it seems like more people are on the internet daily. Many, like myself, feel like they can’t live without it! It is the wave of the future, and I don’t see that dying down any time soon. I think marketing will only get more intuitive and more complex through digital media.


World Bank. (2017). Individuals using the Internet (% of population). Retrieved March 8, 2020, from

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