Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

In the immortal words of the Spice Girls, “Tell me what you want, what you really really want!” Firms often struggle to know exactly what their consumers want and need, and social media influencers can help companies get those answers! Social media influencers often get a bad rap as fake, boujie, entitled, spoiled brats, but this does not represent all of them! I like and follow a few influencers myself.  First, I think it’s helpful to find people who are like you to follow on social media. The right influencer can help introduce you to products, hobbies or even lifestyles that you can benefit from.

Sierra Schultzzie

            One influencer I follow is a young woman named Sierra Schultzzie. I like, and follow her because she is down to earth, all about body positivity and kindness. While she is younger than me, we are in similar stages of life. She is married, has a house and is looking to start a family. She also has many of the same interests I do and has a similar personality type. She is kind, empathetic, and just trying to do the best she can in life. Because of these attributes, I trust her opinions! Watching her is like talking to a trusted friend. 

            As a marketing student, I have noticed that influencers are all the rage in the marketing world! This was likely an unexpected turn for marketers. This industry is changing by the minute! Influencers can often be a low-cost way to reach your exact target market! Not only is it not generally very expensive but the reach is immense, and the return can be huge. Influencers feel like a friend to many people, people TRUST influencers. They are everything a big scary faceless company is not, and consumers love this.

Photo by Cristian Dina on

            Influencers have become a sort of middleman between companies and consumers. Sometimes companies aren’t sure how to get information out to consumers, and conversely, consumers don’t feel like they are reaching giant corporations with their needs and wants. Consumers might wonder if anyone is even listening to them. Influencers are perceived as a non-bias channel to firms and consumers. In a sense, it is a two-way street of information flow, moderated by the influencers. Influencers can be on the front line of the conversations about a product. Many influencers give unbiased reviews that can help firms gauge interest or even help them to modify their products to meet consumer needs. Another strategy they use is trying products out for the very first time, or over an extended period. They often help new product development or marketing efforts too. Good influencers spend a lot of time getting to know their segments, so market research is often paramount to their success. Influencers also build rapport with their consumers, a proven strategy for gaining and retaining brand loyalty (Gleeson, 2012)

 This kind of marketing can be a winning solution for everyone involved. Social media influencers get to build their brand, consumers are directed to the items that could be helpful to them, firms hear consumer pleas and act accordingly, and firms stimulate the economy and provide beneficial products to people who desire them. So, if you have a brand, I would highly consider social media influencers. They can make a difference in getting your name out to the public and making you a trusted brand that consumers love. 


Gleeson, B. (2012, November 12). 6 Ways Brands Build Trust Through Social Media. Retrieved from

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