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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest for Marketing!

There are so many social media platforms these days, and the landscape is continually evolving. One of my favorite platforms, as a consumer and as a marketer is Pinterest! Here are my top 5 reasons that businesses shouldn’t ignore Pinterest:

1. HUGE Amount of Users Worldwide
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Pinterest has roughly 459 million monthly active users. 100 million of these users were gained in 2020 alone (Sehl, 2021)! Pinterest is quickly gaining more users and becoming a top platform for marketing.
2. Wider Appeal & Closing Gender Gap in Users

While women use the platform more frequently and outrank men as users by 60%, men are finally catching up! In 2020, the number of male pinners has increased by 50% (Sehl, 2021)! This makes Pinterest an ideal place for many businesses trying to reach both women and/or men.

3. Evergreen media

Pins or posts are evergreen, meaning that they continue to exist and be repined and shared continually, keeping them in the algorithm and constantly shown to users. Unlike Twitter, posts are never buried to never be seen again by new consumers.

Additionally, posts on Pinterest are not chronological, allowing pinners to make multiple pins about a subject and potentially get them in front of more consumers. This also allows marketers to test out different messaging and photos to appeal to their target segment, without irritating users too much with redundancy (Griffin, 2019).

4. Search & Discovery

Pinterest is a search engine and discovery tool itself! Pinterest allows users to search for fresh ideas and concepts to try themselves. 98% of users have tried something they found on Pinterest, and 77% have found new products and brands through Pinterest (Griffin, 2019).

5. ALL the Analytics

Pinterest lists over 20 different analytics to help measure your ROI and target the ideal segment, including monthly views, save rate, the total playtime of videos, videos plays at 95%, outbound click rate, impressions, and many more. Pinterest also includes analytics on paid and organic content. Users can decipher who their pinners are, what devices they use, and the source of pins among other data filters (Pinterest, 2021).

Pinterest is easy to use and has many tools to give marketers all the info they need to succeed. There are also many easy-to-read help articles and video demonstrations available too! 

Pinterest is fun, addicting, and informative for users (in this Pinterista’s opinion!) and shouldn’t be left off of the marketing list! Happy Pinning! (Shameless plug)


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